As the 2016 season closes, we now turn to the E.L.S.I.E.’s. The E.L.S.I.E.’s are our leagues version of ESPN’s The ESPY Awards. These awards are perk based only, meaning you will not win a trophy or a monetary prize for winning one of these. These awards are primarily to assist in managing your franchise for the upcoming 2017 season.

NOTE: Award Winners will be announced Saturday, Dec. 31st!

We made some tweaks to some of our yearly awards as some of the awards were in essence the same and made things difficult when coming up with nominees. The Phoenix & The Gryphon Award were basically the same award so now the Gryphon Award has been renamed to The Fearsome Foursome Award, For the Most Outstanding Defensive Coordinator of the 2016 Season (or most defensive points scored, not points against).

The Air Coryell Award has been updated now to The Most Outstanding Offensive Coordinator of the 2016 Season (or most offensive points scored, not points for). Now, total points scored (or points for) will be added to the deciding factors for determining the Team of the Year Award.

Please note that no franchise can be awarded more than two perks for a single season, and any award perk not used can be carried over to the next season although no franchise can exceed or hold more than two award perks at one time. This is to make sure that no one franchise has THAT much of an advantage over any other franchise in The League! Any teams winning more than three awards will have their choice of up to two award perks. The forfeited award perk will go to the runner up of that award!

Beer, Cheese, & Brats & the House of Cards lead all franchises with four award nominations, followed by Hyde Yo Wife with three nominations. Da South, I Got Sacks On Sacks On Sacks & The Gremlins round out the teams with multiple nominations each with two.

The Awards and the Top 3 nominees for each are below…

NOTE: The nominated franchises below appear in alphabetical order only.

*Team of the Year Award*

For the Most Outstanding Franchise of the 2016 Season

Beer, Cheese, & Brats

Beer, Cheese, Brats had the best overall record (14-2), the most points scored, and won the league championship! It wasn’t that difficult to determine this year’s Team of the Year!

Da South

Hyde Yo Wife

Award Perk: Will have their choice of any Award Perks.

*The Lombardi Award*

For the Most Outstanding Head Coach of the 2016 Season

Beer, Cheese, & Brats

Beer, Cheese & Brats had a 96.7% efficiency picking their weekly lineup, the highest in The League. This is determined by their actual points scored divided by their Ideal Lineup (if they started their highest scoring players or best lineup possible) points scored from week to week.

House of Cards

The Gremlins

Award Perk: Can substitute a bench player for a starter AFTER match-up is over twice during the regular season ONLY.

*The Air Coryell Award*

For the Most Outstanding Offensive Coordinator of the 2016 Season (Off. Points Scored)

Beer, Cheese, & Brats

Hyde Yo Wife

Hyde Yo Wife is awarded this season’s Air Coryell Award due to the fact that Beer, Cheese, & Brats already took their two awards and you cannot win more than two E.L.S.I.E. Awards in one season. Hyde Yo Wife had the second best offensive scoring averaging with an amazing 94.7 offensive points per game. Only Beer, Cheese, & Brats had a better average per game.

I Got Sacks On Sacks On Sacks

Award Perk: 14-pt Home Field Advantage for the first four home games of the regular season ONLY.

*The Fearsome Foursome Award*

For the Most Outstanding Defensive Coordinator of the 2016 Season (Def. Points Scored)


House of Cards

The House of Cards took home this season’s Fearsome Foursome Award, scoring a league best 78.2 defensive points per game. No other team can say they boasted the best defense in The League! 

The Gremlins

Award Perk: No Home Field Advantage Against Your Team for the first four away games of the regular season ONLY.

*The Draftologist Award*

For the Franchise Who Drafted the Best Steal of the 2016 Season

House of Cards

Hyde Yo Wife

I Got Sacks On Sacks On Sacks

I Got Sacks On Sacks On Sacks is this season’s Draftologist Award winner drafting Drew Brees in the 3rd Round (34th Overall) who ended up finishing 4th in total fantasy points. The #1 Steal in all The League!

Award Perk: Franchise can move up or down up to three spots in the upcoming fantasy draft.

*The Capologist Award*

For the Franchise Who Signed the Best Free Agent Pick Up of the 2016 Season

Carnival of Pain


DeSeantourage is this season’s Capologist Award winner, acquiring Tyreek Hill off the waiver wire who finished 13th in total fantasy points, the highest among non-drafted players. They get the edge over the Carnival of Pain due to the fact that they recommended them to pick him up as well. 🙂

House of Cards

Award Perk: Franchise can use their team’s contracts how they see fit.

*The Phoenix Award*

For the Best Overall Team Turnaround from the Previous Season

Beer, Cheese, & Brats

Da South

NC Titans

The NC Titans had a seven game turnaround from the season before (going from 2-14 to 9-7). Beer, Cheese, & Brats also had a seven game turnaround (going from 7-9 to 14-2) but forfeited this award due to them already taking two awards.

Award Perk: Franchise will hold any conference/divisional tiebreakers.

*The Loud Mouth Award*

For the Most Active & Out Spoken Franchise Owner for the 2016 Season

Barbaric Milk Jousters

The Barbaric Milk Jousters get the slight edge over Maclin on Dat Ass for this season’s Loud Mouth Award. This was by far the toughest award to determine the winner of as the Barbaric Milk Jousters & Maclin on Dat Ass were both constantly active & typically outspoken. The determining factor came down to the Barbaric Milk Jousters message board post. 🙂

Clam Diggers

Maclin on Dat Ass

Award Perk: Immunity. No Award Abilities Can Be Used on Perk Holder’s Franchise. The Lombardi Award, Air Coryell Award, the Fearsome Foursome Award and the Phoenix Award have no affect when applied against this franchise. The Draftologist Award cannot move in front or behind this franchise during the draft.