The Keeper’s Carousel is in full swing! Here we will track all the keeper’s for each team and this will be updated as the keeper’s for each team start to roll in. As of now there are a couple of teams left that have to get their keeper’s in by the end of the weekend so please check back with those teams updates later today!

Also, please pay attention to the Restricted Free Agents & Unrestricted Free Agents as those players can be stolen away from their current teams unless they have been locked up by their current team. I have re-posted the new keepers format below for those who need a refresher and of course if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to hit me up! 🙂

**Keeper Rules**

Updated Last as of 1/7/18

NOTE: All teams can protect up to five players, but no player can be kept for more than three consecutive seasons in a row (the Keeper’s Count starts this season).
Teams will be required to relinquish a draft pick for players kept for the upcoming season. In example, if you drafted Ezekiel Elliott in the 1st Round, you will have to give up a 1st Round pick in order to keep him for the upcoming season. Players selected as keepers can be kept by one team for a maximum of three consecutive seasons. After three consecutive season, the player MUST BE added back to the player pool to be redrafted. The team losing the player can redraft the player again and the player’s three year window (or Keeper Count) for being kept consecutive seasons will restart. Also, the round the player was drafted in will advance 1 round higher each consecutive season the player is kept. Players kept drafted after the 10th round will cost teams a 9th round pick and their round will advance 2 rounds higher each consecutive season the player is kept. NOTE: This does not apply to players drafted in the 1st Round, this rule only applies to players drafted between rounds 2-18. So if a 1st round player is kept, that team will have to sacrifice their 1st round pick in the upcoming draft. If a 2nd round player is kept then that team will have to sacrifice their 2nd round pick in the upcoming draft. But keep in mind that a 2nd round player that is kept for two consecutive seasons will cost a 1st round pick the 2nd time around. So for example, If I drafted DeMarco Murray in the 2nd round of our league’s 2017 draft, he will cost me a 2nd round pick to keep him for the 2018 season. However, for me to keep him for a 2nd consecutive season (the 2019 season), he will now cost a 1st round pick since his round will advance +1 if kept on the same team for consecutive seasons.This will become even more of a situation if let’s say I drafted Ezekiel Elliott in the 1st round in our 2017 draft. I can keep him in 2018 and give up my 1st round pick, but I would have to make a decision in 2019 since both Elliott and Murray would both cost me a 1st round pick if I wanted to keep both. I’m sure your team will only have 1 first round pick to give away, unless you’re the Bill Belichick of our league and pick up a second first round pick… lol. In this example, you would have to choose who you wanted to keep.This will ensure top talent is coming back to the draft year after year…

**Free Agents**

Free Agents, or players that went undrafted that were picked up through the waiver wire, can ONLY be kept under the following two scenarios…

Restricted Free Agents

You can designate up to two free agents (as long as you do not go over your teams 5 players kept limit) from your team as your team’s Restricted Free Agents. Once selected, that player’s round designation will be determined by the players fantasy point ranking for their position (but no lower than a 9th Round pick). *See Below*

Using a WR as an example, if the WR finished in the following ranges in total fantasy points scored at his position and the round it will correlate to…

  • 1st-12th: Considered as a WR1, 4th Round Pick
  • 13th-24th: Considered as a WR2, 6th Round Pick
  • 25th-36th: Considered as a WR3 at best, 8th Round Pick
  • Beyond: a 9th Round Pick

Then any team from your conference can advance that round +1 to steal that player away. The original team must either match or beat that offer, or lose that player to the opposing team.

NOTE: This can only be done once and is on a first come first serve basis. If you plan on plucking someone’s RFA the first to email me with the intent to do so will have the right to do so (a tie would be decided by a tiebreaker). The rival team can only advance the round +1 in trying to obtain the RFA player. If the initial team that the player is currently rostered on matches the +1 round advance, that player is now locked onto that teams roster and is no longer considered a RFA!

If a team loses his Restricted Free Agent to the other team, then compensation will be provided to the odd team out. Compensation for the Restricted Free Agent lost will come in the form of a draft pick in the following season (not the season the transaction happened). That pick will be determined by that player’s fantasy point ranking for their position for that season (see example table above).

Un-Restricted Free Agents

Any players not designated as a Keeper or a Restricted Free Agent by their current team are to be considered Un-Restricted Free Agents. Any team can select a player from any other team in their conference (BEFORE the draft only, during the 10-Day Free Agency period) as long as they are willing to give up a draft pick determined by that players draft tender (but no lower than a 9th round pick) in the upcoming draft. No compensation will be given to the team losing that player in this case.

And now to the keeper’s…

**2017 Keeper’s**

Origins North

I Got Sacks

Dalvin Cook-RB (1st Rounder)

Christian McCaffrey-RB (2nd Rounder)

Devonta Freeman-RB (9th Rounder)

Feeling Green

A.J. Green-WR (3rd Rounder)

Alvin Kamara-RB (4th Rounder) (RFA)

Kenyon Drake-RB (8th Rounder) (RFA)

Clam Diggers

Ezekiel Elliott-RB (1st Rounder)

Mark Ingram-RB (2nd Rounder)

Luke Kuechly-LB (8th Rounder)

Wellington Wells Whifflers

Melvin Gordon-RB (1st Rounder)

Lamar Miller-RB (2nd Rounder)

Deshaun Watson-QB (6th Rounder) (RFA)

Cameron Jordan-DL (9th Rounder)

Origins Central

Hakeem I Saw I Conquered

Julio Jones-WR (1st Rounder)

Travis Kelce-TE (2nd Rounder)

Blake Martinez-LB (4th Rounder) (RFA)

Da South

Leonard Fournette-RB (1st Rounder)

Jimmy Graham-TE (4th Rounder)

Rob Gronkowski-TE (6th Rounder)

Deion Jones-LB (7th Rounder)

Kwon Alexander-LB (8th Rounder)

Carolina Hitmen

DeAndre Hopkins-WR (1st Rounder)

Tom Brady-QB (2nd Rounder)

Tevin Coleman-RB (5th Rounder)

Thomas Davis-LB (8th Rounder)

Breakin Tackles

JuJu Smith-Schuster-WR (4th Rounder) (RFA)

Joey Bosa-DL (6th Rounder)

Matthew Stafford-QB (7th Rounder)

Calais Campbell-DL (9th Rounder)

Origins South

The Urge to Purge

Todd Gurley-RB (2nd Rounder)

Landon Collins-DB (4th Rounder)

Reshad Jones-DB (5th Rounder)

Tyreek Hill-WR (8th Rounder)

Carson Wentz-QB (9th Rounder)



Maclin on Dat Ass

C.J. Mosley-LB (5th Rounder)

Jordan Howard-RB (8th Rounder)

Josh Gordon-WR (9th Rounder) (RFA)

I Go Deep

Le’Veon Bell-RB (1st Rounder)

Mike Evans-WR (3rd Rounder)

Khalil Mack-LB (5th Rounder)

Zach Ertz-TE (6th Rounder)

Melvin Ingram-DL (9th Rounder)

Legends East

Beer, Cheese, & Brats

David Johnson-RB (1st Rounder)

Odell Beckham-WR (3rd Rounder)

Bobby Wagner-LB (8th Rounder)

Carson Wentz-QB (9th Rounder)

Hyde Yo Wife

Rob Gronkowski-TE (1st Rounder)

Julio Jones-WR (2nd Rounder)

Antonio Brown-WR (3rd Rounder)

Calais Campbell-LB (8th Rounder)

Alderaan Wookies

Dalvin Cook-RB (1st Rounder)

Aaron Donald-DL (6th Rounder)

Deshaun Watson-QB (8th Rounder)

Alvin Kamara-RB (10th Rounder)

The Gremlins

DeAndre Hopkins-WR (2nd Rounder)

Todd Gurley-RB (3rd Rounder)

Kenyon Drake-RB (8th Rounder) (RFA)

Jamaal Williams-RB (9th Rounder)

Aaron Jones-RB (10th Rounder) (RFA)

Legends Central

NC Titans

Lavonte David-LB (4th Rounder)

Jason Pierre-Paul-DL (6th Rounder)

Smoked Salmons


Carnival of Pain

Leonard Fournette-RB (1st Rounder)

C.J. Mosley-LB (4th Rounder)

Reshad Jones-DB (5th Rounder)

Christian Kirksey-LB (7th Rounder)

Tyreek HIll-WR (8th Rounder)

Surprise Scorpians

Tom Brady-QB (3rd Rounder)

Marvin Jones-WR (4th Rounder)

Devonta Freeman-RB (7th Rounder)

Stefon Diggs-WR (8th Rounder)

Jadeveon Clowney-LB (9th Rounder)

Legends West


Blake Martinez-LB (4th Rounder) (RFA)

Deion Jones-LB (8th Rounder)

Adam Thielan-WR (9th Rounder)

Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood

Aaron Rodgers-QB (1st Rounder)


House of Cards

Ezekiel Elliott-RB (1st Rounder)

Jay Ajayi-RB (8th Rounder)

Peyton Barber-RB (9th Rounder) (RFA)

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